Before learners can sit the practical portion of the driving test, they first need to pass the theory test. The theory test is composed of 50 multiple choice questions that are designed to examine the pupil’s knowledge about driving and road safety. In order to pass the test, you will need to get at least 43 of the 50 questions correct, and learners are given 57 minutes in which to complete the test. Once the theory test has been passed, the certificate you receive will be required to book and take the practical test, and it is valid for 2 years. This means that if you haven’t passed your practical test by then, you will have to re-sit your theory test again.

English School of Motoring want to help our learners as much as we possibly can throughout the learning-to-drive process. So, to help our pupils with the theory section of the process, we have found an up-to-date, accurate Practice Theory Test that you can use to practice with and fine tune your revision. Simply click the link below to be taken to a website where you can complete as many free tests as you like.

Click here to take a practice theory test today!

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