Fleet Training

About English school of Motoring Fleet Driver Training

We are a fully accredited DVSA (Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency) Fleet Training provider which allows us to train our own Instructors for Fleet business and ensures that our high standards of quality are applied consistently throughout the UK.

What Services do we Offer?

We recognise that no two businesses are the same, so our approach is to build a bespoke solution around your company’s specific need.  English School of Motoring Account Managers will create a tailored service package to meet your objectives and needs.

We can help reduce insurance claims rate, reduce driver stress or improve fuel efficiency

  • Driving licence checking
  • Driver assessments and appraisals
  • E-Learning and online training
  • Classroom based training courses
  • Vehicle familiarisation and training for non-UK licence holders
  • In-car training: e.g. driver development, eco driving, defensive driving
  • Vocation training: e.g. Taxi, Delivery Driver, Minibus driving
  • Convoy Driving
  • Ceremonial Driving