Covid Protection – Provisionally Back on the Road on 6th July!

Watch our video below to see how we are ensuring the safety of our students and instructors, before, during and after all lessons.

These are unprecedented times and here at English School of Motoring we want to be exceptionally proactive; for us to be the leading driving school with the safest learning conditions. Across the UK 1,500 people turn 17 every day and every month at least 500,000 people sit their driving test. With the UK being in lockdown that’s a lot of hours missed for people learning to drive and we expect to see significant waiting times to book lessons. 

Get ahead of the queue and call 0800 0234389 or go to  to pre-book your lessons for July now!

Below is the guidance process English School of Motoring have introduced to keep our students and drivers as safe as possible:

  1. Weekly Internal Car Fogging: The “Fogger” is a specialist piece of equipment often used in hospitals to disinfect and sanitise, thus restricting the growth of bacteria. 

We are using a specific antiviral disinfectant solution which leaves treated surfaces safe for human contact. This professional Healthcare Antiviral Disinfectant was tested in February 2020 to European Standard BS EN 14476 against Coronavirus. 

The solution is turned to a fog, released into the car and is effective within 5 minutes. To see an example click here,

  1. All Driving Instructors have been given a personal PPE Pack: 
  • Adjustable, Anti Fog Visor – to be worn whenever a student is in the car
  • Face Masks – to be worn whenever a student is in the car
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Pack of Anti-Bacterial Wipes
  1. All Driving Instructors are Maintaining DVSA Good Practice Guidance:

We will be calling pupils ahead of lessons to ask:

  • Do they have any symptoms?
  • Does anyone they know, or have been in contact with, showing symptoms?
  • For everyone’s safety, no more than one student may be in the car at any one time.
  • Prior to lessons your instructor will ask you to wash your hands or use sanitiser gel just before you get in the car.
  • It is up to you whether you wish to wear a face mask or not.
  • If you choose not to wear a face mask, please cover your mouth if coughing or sneezing using a sleeve or tissue but not your hands.
  • Windows will be kept open during lessons to aid good ventilation.

The cars are kept clean and disinfected in between students. Anti-bacterial wipes are used on all touched surfaces; this includes door handles (inside and out), window controls, seat adjusters, steering wheel and steering wheel height adjuster, parking brake, indicators and stalks, light controls and gear lever.

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